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Welcome to the Varsity Cheerleading Web Page. Here you will find a list of requirements for tryouts as well as requirements for cheerleading during the season. Let's tackle tryouts first. Tryouts for the upcoming 2009-2010 school year will be May 4-7, 2009. Students in grades 8th- 11th may tryout as long as they meet Georgia High School eligibility requirements. This will include the students having to have a current physical and proof of insurance on file. During the week they will learn the required chant, cheer, and jumps they will be expected to perform the day of tryouts. All students are required to be present at all practices before tryouts on Thursday the 7th. There will be qualified out of town judges in order to keep tryouts fair. For further questions please call Amy Rowe at 229-559-5413. Now let's tackle the requirements for cheerleading during the season. All cheerleaders practice twice a week from 2:45- 4:30 with practice starting late in August and running through the end of basketball season. During this time we will practice and perfect the cheers, chants, jumps, and dance we will use during the season. Once the season starts there will be weeks with at least 1 or more games per week. All cheerleaders are required to attend all games and practices unless there is an emergency or doctor's appointment has been scheduled for that day. The most important thing is letting me know what is going on.